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Compliments to the Chef...

My fiance hired Chef Bob for my surprise birthday dinner and he made me feel extremely special. I have an allergy to wheat/gluten, celiac disease and I also cannot eat dairy, soy, red meat or any grains. I only eat at home because it is the only place that I know is 100% safe. So, I never get the luxury of having a meal cooked for me and if I don't have to cook, I am so anxiety-ridden about having a reaction that I decline or cannot enjoy it. Not this time though, Chef Bob took care of me and knocked it out of the park with cooking skills and a beautiful presentation. - Andrea & Chad, dietary needs clients

Thank you so much for a delicious evening with your wonderfully prepared meal. All of our guests loved it and were grateful for the attention to detail, the farm fresh ingredients and all that went in to each course! The presentation was just as lovely, especially when plated and served. - Mark & Cheryl, private event clients

The feature entree was the best meal I've ever had, and I cleaned my plate, which I NEVER do! If I win the lottery, Chef Bob WILL by my personal chef! - Penny, satisfied guest at a Guest Chef event

Chef Bob could roast a book, and it would still taste great. - Cindy S., satisfied guest at a Guest Chef event

Truly talented! One of a kind. I changed around my entire wedding to have Chef Bob cater our reception. It was totally worth it. Anyone looking to have a true five star experience will find it with CB! - Danielle, bride

Chef Bob and the team were great at a party held for Easter Seals Florida! Great job and look forward to eating more of your tasty treats! - Tim, guest at a private event

Chef Bob Aungst thank you so much for the amazing dinner you prepared for us!!! Everything was amazing!! - John, private client

Chef Bob makes magic. F***ING MAGIC, I SAY!!! - Jay, groom

Chef Bob fantastic job! Wish you continued success. - John, private client

Thank you, Chef Bob! Everyone still raves about your amazing food! - John, groom