How to Join a Blab Live Stream

How to Blab

What is Blab? is a relatively new live video streaming platform that allows users to create an online talk show, live, unscripted and in-the-moment. It’s quickly gaining in popularity due to its ease of use, and the ability to connect with people all over the planet with the simple click of a button. When […]

Fall’tini Harvest Martini Recipe

#CBSignature Fall'tini Harvest Martini Recipe

If you need some assistance adjusting to the time change, this delicious fall martini recipe should do just the trick! Make sure to use high quality pure vanilla, such as Mannix Vanilla. I also recommend a nutmeg grater–fresh ground nutmeg is much more rich and flavorful than ground nutmeg powder. Bon Appétit!       […]

Greyt Reviews for Greyt Plates!

George Henry and Chef Bob supporting Greyt Plates

Attendees at the 5th Annual Greyt Plates enjoyed samples of George Henry’s Pooch Hooch, Chef created home cooked dog food and dehydrated chicken jerky treats. The Chicken & Rice Casserole with fresh vegetables, was “jazzed up” for the humans with some seasonings and a gravy. George Henry says, “If you wouldn’t serve it to your human family […]

10 Cool Facts About Greyhounds

Chef Bob at Greyt Plates to benefit retired Greyhounds

The Greyt Plates Culinary Tasting Event to benefit retired Greyhound racers is tonight! The RS&H Team is so excited to participate in the event and support the Greyhound Pets of America/Greater Orlando. Check out some interesting facts about the Greyhound breed, one of the oldest breeds of dogs, originating in Ancient Egypt.  

Bill to Identify Gluten in Medicines

Gluten can be hidden in a variety of products, which means those with gluten sensitivities and Celiac Disease could be unsuspectedly exposed to gluten. It’s great to see awareness is spreading. A new bill was recently introduced into Congress to require medications to list gluten-related ingredients. “The Gluten in Medicine Disclosure Act of 2015 would […]

Winner! Winner! Gluten Free Holiday Dinner

Chef Prepared Holiday Dishes

Don’t struggle this year with terrible tasting gluten free Holiday food options. There’s no need to fear cross contamination. Don’t waste effort on complicated gfree recipes that never turn out like the picture, and likely taste awful. Order Chef Bob’s Heat ‘N Eat Holiday dishes, prepared to order with the highest quality ingredients, specifically for your dietary […]