Gluten Free Unplugged with Chef Bob: Cupcake Episode

Gluten Free Unplugged with Chef Bob & Jillycakes

Take a behind the scenes look at Orlando’s favorite cupcakery, Jillycakes! Chef Bob’s new Blab series, Gluten Free Unplugged kicks off with a visit to Jillian’s shop in Winter Park, Florida. Winner of Cupcake Wars, Jillycakes makes a variety of innovative, unique, and absolutely delicious filled cupcakes, including many, many flavors of gluten free cupcakes […]

Bill to Identify Gluten in Medicines

Gluten can be hidden in a variety of products, which means those with gluten sensitivities and Celiac Disease could be unsuspectedly exposed to gluten. It’s great to see awareness is spreading. A new bill was recently introduced into Congress to require medications to list gluten-related ingredients. “The Gluten in Medicine Disclosure Act of 2015 would […]