Coffee Hotty Toddy

Coffee Drink Recipe

RS&H Roasts Pecan Butterscotch Coffee With a Little Extra Cheer There’s still time to claim a bag of RS&H Roasts Pecan Butterscotch Coffee for a cheerful New Year! I’ve included a recipe below for a Coffee Hotty Toddy that will warm you up, and start 2018 off the right way. Pecan Butterscotch Coffee The RS&H […]

Asian Honey Garlic Sauce, Gluten Free and Vegan

Asian Honey Garlic Sauce Recipe

An Asian Honey Garlic Sauce recipe to compliment your grilled or roasted vegetables. This Asian Honey Garlic Sauce really adds the finishing touches to your vegetable dishes, and it’s super simple with only six, easy-to-find ingredients. I’ve been experimenting more with “whole foods” cooking and recipes lately. I’ve always maintained that using good quality ingredients, […]

Turkey Brine

Chef Bob's Recipe for the Perfect Thanksgiving Turkey Brine

I’ve updated my turkey brine recipe, and put a new spin on it for this Thanksgiving – Wild Turkey Gone Wild! My original poultry brine recipe is available in a previous post, as is an instructional how-to video. This is an excellent recipe using common ingredients like citrus, cranberries, salt and sugar, and white wine. This […]

Fall’tini Harvest Martini Recipe

#CBSignature Fall'tini Harvest Martini Recipe

If you need some assistance adjusting to the time change, this delicious fall martini recipe should do just the trick! Make sure to use high quality pure vanilla, such as Mannix Vanilla. I also recommend a nutmeg grater–fresh ground nutmeg is much more rich and flavorful than ground nutmeg powder. Bon Appétit!       […]

Princess Madelyn’s Madeleines Recipe

I made Madeleine cookies with my granddaughter, Princess Madelyn, over the Thanksgiving Holiday. She’s equipped with private line #CBUtensils, purple of course, and just her size! This easy recipe makes 12 delicious Madeleine cookies. Enjoy them as they are, or dip in chocolate. Download the recipe card: Recipe for Princess Madelyn’s Madeleines         […]